George kittle Wife, Discover Everything About His Wife

George Kittle, the standout San Francisco 49ers tight end, has been married to Claire Kittle since 2019. George, 30, and Claire, 29, met as freshmen at the University of Iowa. The couple eloped in 2018 after getting engaged, and now they live in Nashville, Tennessee, during the NFL offseason with their Bernedoodle puppy, Deenie. George’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, reflecting his successful NFL career and endorsements.

College Romance

George and Claire’s story began in 2012 at the University of Iowa. George first noticed Claire outside his dormitory, intrigued by her bright pink moped helmet. Despite being warned by a friend that she might be difficult, George decided to find out for himself. Their friendship lasted eight months before it blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Claire’s Athletic Background

Claire Kittle, originally Claire Till, played basketball at Wahlert Catholic High School, becoming the school’s third all-time leading scorer. At the University of Iowa, she played for the Hawkeyes, averaging 1.6 points and 1.9 rebounds per game. Unfortunately, a recurring knee injury ended her basketball career during her senior year. Reflecting on her trials, Claire wrote on her blog, Letty Set Go, in 2017, “Without awful knees I know I would have accomplished more on the basketball court, but because of the trials my knees brought, I am the strongest person I know.”

Proposal and Engagement

In August 2018, George planned an elaborate proposal under the guise of a 49ers media shoot about NFL couples. Despite injuring his knee in a preseason game, George persisted with his plan. Claire’s suspicions were quelled by George’s mother, Jan, who assured her the ring wasn’t ready. The proposal took place at Santa Cruz’s Twin Lakes State Beach, with George on one knee, asking Claire to marry him in a moment she described as “absolutely perfect.”

Surprise Wedding

The Kittles surprised fans with their wedding announcement in April 2019. They planned their elopement in a week, holding the ceremony at a family friend’s jewelry store in Iowa City. George’s father, Bruce, officiated the intimate ceremony attended by immediate family. They celebrated with guitar music by Claire’s brother, Riley, and matching “C” and “G” cookies.

Celebrating Five Years

In April 2024, George and Claire celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. George expressed his love on Instagram, writing, “A day has not gone by that you haven’t made me smile, I hope I’ve done that for you! Cheers to many many more years and great times. Love you Darlin.” The couple’s love and support for each other have been evident throughout their journey together.

Ectopic Pregnancy

In February 2023, Claire revealed she had an ectopic pregnancy. She shared their joy at discovering the pregnancy on Christmas morning and the subsequent heartbreak during a routine ultrasound in January. Claire underwent surgery and leaned heavily on her family and George for support, expressing gratitude for their unwavering presence during such a difficult time.

Professional Endeavors

Claire ran a personal training business called Claire Till Fitness and taught barre classes while living in Iowa City. In 2018, she entered her first bikini fitness competition, training for 19 weeks and losing 20 pounds. Claire’s dedication and hard work paid off, and she shared her journey, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and self-worth.

Life in Nashville

The Kittles reside in Nashville, Tennessee, during the NFL offseason to be closer to family. They moved into a new home in April 2022 after selling their first house. Both George and Claire are fitness enthusiasts, maintaining an active lifestyle together in their home gym.

Nerdy Interests

George and Claire share a love for nerdy hobbies, often dressing up as comic book and video game characters for Halloween. Their past costumes include Spiderman, Halo’s Master Chief and Cortana, and Batman and Catwoman. George even got a tattoo of his football alter ego, the Joker, on his forearm the day before their wedding.

Hosting KittleFest

In July 2023, George and Claire hosted KittleFest at their Nashville home, a small backyard music festival featuring performances by Jelly Roll, Tyler Rich, and Whelan Stone. The night concluded with bottle service at “Club Kittle,” their garage. Claire also threw George a 30th birthday party in California, decorating their home with his favorite things — sneakers, superheroes, and video games.

Game Day Support

Claire is a dedicated supporter of George, attending all his games, both home and away. She also has a keen eye for fashion, selecting standout pieces for her game day looks. Claire shared with PEOPLE in February 2024 that she looks for unique items to create her outfits, emphasizing that her style is inspired by individual pieces she loves.


The Kittles’ story is one of love, resilience, and shared passions. From their college days to their current life in Nashville, George and Claire’s journey together has been filled with memorable moments, challenges, and unwavering support for each other.

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