Gypsy Rose Boyfriend, Know Who is Ken Urker?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who was a celebrity for her part in a case that involved Munchausen by proxy, and later the murder of her mom, revealed that she’s pregnant with her new her boyfriend Ken Urker. The announcement marks a shocking new chapter in the life of Blanchard following her release from prison the latter part of December 2023.

How Did Gypsy Rose Share the News?

On a candid Youtube clip that was released the previous day, Blanchard, 32, declared that she was at 11 weeks of pregnancy. The announcement has put to rest a number of rumors that have circulated regarding her personal life prior to her announcement. Gypsy expressed her joy and surprise at the birth and said the pregnancy was not planned. Her and her boyfriend, Ken Urker, are looking forward to the new role as parents and have a baby due in January 2025.

Who is Ken Urker?

Ken Urker, the father of the child who is due to be born has a special connection with Blanchard and they became pen pals while Blanchard was in prison. The relationship started by writing letters, and it grew throughout the years. Urker even made a proposal to Blanchard in the year 2018, but they broke up for a time before she was released from jail. Their relationship is now more vibrant than ever before with the recent news of joyous news.

What Has Blanchard Said About Her Pregnancy?

In her announcement, Blanchard did not shy away from discussing the reality that early pregnancies bring. She joked about having major mood swings, and joked about her husband’s patience during this period. Happily, she said that she was not suffering from serious morning sickness and considered herself to be among her “lucky ones.”

What Challenges Do Blanchard and Urker Face?

Each of Blanchard and Urker have complex family histories. Blanchard’s lifestyle was heavily influenced through her mom, which led to a tragic, widely reported incident. Urker however, on contrary is a member of an extended family that was affected by divorce. Despite this their couple is determined to creating a secure and loving home for their child. Their goal is for “change the narrative” for their new family.


Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s announcement of her pregnancy is a major milestone in her own personal journey. After suffering through a turbulent history and the repercussions of her detention, Blanchard is now focusing on creating a bright life with her husband Ken Urker. Their story explores themes of redemption as well as the transformative power of fresh beginnings as they prepare to embark on the adventure of becoming parents together.

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