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It all began with a message that was sent to the Instagram inbox. In July of 2020, Des Bishop, the veteran Irish comedian approached Hannah Berner, a rising media star at the time, via an email via Instagram. The digital exchange was the start of a stunning friendship that would captivate their followers and fans. Their first meeting was with a cup of coffee at Westhampton, New York, an area that was not far from the place where Bishop lives, and Berner was on vacation at Shelter Island. The initial plan was to have an intimate meeting turned into an hour-long conversation, which marked the beginning of their unending journey.

What Makes Their Relationship Special?

Des Bishop expressed his certainty that Berner having “the one” shortly after they started dating. He was attracted not just by her beautiful appearance, however also her vivacious personality and the pure happiness she brought to his life. On the other side, Berner was drawn to Bishop’s wit and unique way of thinking that she found extremely appealing. She was impressed by his capacity to allow her to be himself and laugh with them and his non-competitive personality that she blamed on his long-standing career and mature outlook, aided by their age gap of 15 years.

How Do They Handle Their Age Difference?

Despite the fact that some have pointed out the significant age gap between them, Berner has publicly stated that this gap has been beneficial to their relationship. She believes Bishop’s prior experiences have helped him become an even more confident and complete partner who is not just supportive, but also unaffected by her. On”Not Skinny But Not Fat “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, Berner explained that dating an older person meant interacting with someone who’d already acquired important lessons in relationships that added a layer of security and stability to their relationship.

Who is Des Bishop?

The actor was born to New York but raised in Ireland until his teens, Des Bishop moved in 1990 and has since left a major contribution to the field of comedy. He was the son of Mike Bishop, was an model and actor before switching jobs to ensure a steady life to Des as well as his brothers. Bishop’s career in comedy took off in 2004 when he launched his television show, “The Des Bishop Work Experience,” in which Bishop juggled jobs at medium wage and stand-up comedy to capture the hearts of his viewers around the world.

What Role Does Comedy Play in Their Relationship?

Comedy has not just has brought Bishop and Berner together, but it remains a major part of their friendship. They often discuss funny issues on their platforms by sharing their own personal rants such as dating issues, relationship problems, and life hacks that has brought them closer to their fans. Their ability to incorporate humor into their everyday interactions is a key factor in sustaining the spark of their relationship. Their shared love of entertainment and laughter was evident in their wedding ceremony, which instead of a traditional wedding party and reception, they invited friends from the “Summer House” cast members get together to celebrate their union. They did this by having the first dance of their lives to Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”


Des Bishop and Hannah Berner’s relationship is an example of the power of laughter and the ability to connect in relationship. From an unintentional Instagram communication to coffee-dates, and shared comedy interest, they’ve built an enduring relationship that is based on mutual respect admiration and a profound appreciation of their respective personalities. Their story shows the ways that differences, like age gaps can be a source strength, not a hindrance showing that love can thrive in even the most difficult of situations. While they continue to be entertaining and inspiring, Bishop and Berner not just share their lives with their friends but they also share their lives with the world by sharing a laugh at one time.

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